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Celprogen Introduces Xeno-Free Serum Substitute [XFS2], an Ideal Cell Culture Product for Propagating Stem Cells, Progenitor Cells, Induced Pluripotent Cells and Primary Human Cells for Clinical Applications

Celprogen Inc a leader in the Stem Cell Research and Therapeutics industry committed to providing high quality stem cell technologies for regenerative medicine, today announced that they have developed a novel Xeno-Free Serum Substitute  cell culture media product for human cell culture systems. The XFS2 product (Catalog number MX7777-15) can be utilized for culturing stem cells, progenitor cells, induced pluripotent cells and primary human cells for clinical application. The product can also be utilized for culturing cancer stem cells, circulating tumor cells and differentiated parental tumor cells for basic science research in Oncology.

The in vitro growth of stem cells requires optimum balance of signals mediating cell survival, proliferation, differentiation, expansion and self-renewal. This makes XFS2 highly desirable in clinical applications of stem cells since the product is Xeno-free.

Celprogen Xeno-Free Serum Substitute XFS2 supports expansion of human embryonic stem cells, human adult stem cells, human progenitor stem cells, induced pluripotent cells, adipose derived stem cells and organ specific progenitor stem cells. One of the major benefits of Serum replacement is the utility of the product in the propagation of clinical grade cells for transplants.

The stem cells cultured in XFS2 media have the same morphology and molecular characteristics of cells cultured in serum conditions. The advantage of utilizing the XFS2 media is that one only needs 1% in the media to have the same effects as that of fetal bovine serum. The availability of XFS2 media will enhance the potential application of stem cell transplantation for the treatment of various degenerative diseases, with a strong focus on safety, reproducibility and the quality of stem cells for transplant. The XFS2 media is safe and completely Xeno-free culture system.

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