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Human Fibroblast iPC Derived T25 Plated Cells
Catalog Number : 736041-03-T25
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 Human Fibroblast Derived iPC Culture (Lenti-Virus) - T25 Plated Cells

Also Avaliable as:

Frozen Vial Cells $550.00 shipped with Dry-ice. Cat#736041-03
T75 plated Cells $750.00 shipped at room temperature. Cat#736041-03-T75

120 Population doublings or up to 12 passages.

This product would require pre-coated flasks with Human Fibroblast Derived iPC Culture (Lenti-Virus) Extra-cellular Matrix Cat# E736041-03 and Fibroblast Derived iPC Culture (Lenti-Virus) Media Cat# M736041-03

Source: Adult Human Fibroblast tissue

Positive Markers: RT-PCR: Oct3/4, Sox2, Klf4 & cMyc; IHC: Nanog, Sox 2, SSEA 4, TRA-1-60 & TRA1-81

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