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Mouse Stem Cells - T75 Plated Cells
Catalog Number : 66001-02-T75
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Price : $750.00

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Mouse Stem Cells - T75 Plated Cells

Also Avaliable as:

  • Frozen Vial Cells $550.00 shipped with Dry-ice. Cat#66001-02
  • T25 plated Cells $550.00 shipped at room temperature. Cat#66001-02-T25
  • T150 plated cells $2500.00 shipped at room temperature. Cat# 66001-02-T150

120 Population doublings or up to 12 passages.

This product would require pre-coated flasks with Mouse Stem Cells Extra-cellular Matrix Cat# E66001-02 and Stem Cells Media Cat# M66001-02

For non-academic use please inquire for pricing

Source: Mouse Blastocyst

Positive Markers: CCR4, CD9, TRAI-60, SSEA ¾, TRAI-60, SOX2, nanog, CD117, Notchl, CD31

Cells are only guaranteed with purchase of Celprogen Media and Celprogen Extra Cellular Matrix for appropriate cell culture, for 30 days from the date of shipment.