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Marine Stem Cell Extract
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The Marine Stem Cells are derived from deep sea Algae. This product activates collagen synthesis of the skin when applied topically, it also activates the skin stem cells to start producing collagen and maintain the skin to start looking younger and healthy. In Human fibroblast culture  MS15506-15 at 10ng increase collagen synthesis 100 times when compared to the non-treated group (control).

 Marine Stem Cell Conditioned media lyophilized Sterile Filtered and tested with Stem Cells in Culture. This product is Serum Free and Animal component free media, for bioprocessing needs. The product is shipped in 100mg per vial at room temperature.  Storage conditions 2-8 C for 2 years for the lyophilized product.

Also is available in Liquid format 20L sterile bag with sterile connectors to maintain aseptic filling and bio-processing needs without antibiotics.  For liquid products short term storage at 2-8C is 72 hours, long term storage -20C. This product is available in 2,000L, 4,000L and 10,000L Batch sizes please enquire pricing and delivery times for 2,000L -10,000L batch sizes. Usually we would require 2 weeks lead time for order 2,000L-10,000L batch sizes. 


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