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Human Microglia Primary Cell Culture - Frozen Vial
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Human Microglia Primary Cell Culture - Frozen Vial

 Microglia are a major glial component of the central nervous system (CNS), play a critical role as resident immunocompetent and phagocytic cells in the CNS, and serve as scavenger cells in the event of infection, inflammation, trauma, ischemia, and neurodegeneration in the CNS. Human microglia Cells (HMC), these cells were isolated from the CNS (cortex).  Frozen Ampule (1.2 x 106 cells) of 1 x 106 viable cells upon thawing, shipped with dry-ice. Also available in T25, T75, T150, and T225 tissue culture flask with plated cells, shipped at room temperature. The Human Microglia Cell were derived from CNS -cortex. They were maintained in Celprogen’s Human Microglia Cell Complete Growth Medium and sub-cultured every 24 to 48 hours on Human Microglia Cell Extracellular Matrix.

Source: CNS-Cortex (brain)

Positive Markers: CD11b (Mac-1), CD68, CD86 (B7-2), HLA-ABC, HLA-DR, and RCA-1 lectin, and actively phagocytoses latex beads.














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