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Human Stomach Cancer Stem Cell 3D Cell Culture System
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Human Stomach Cancer Stem Cell - 3D Cell Culture System, utilized for drug toxicity studies. This product would require Complete Growth Media Cat# M36127-54S and cells. This culture system can be utilized for culturing patient tumor sections also known as histo-cultures for determining the effective dose of specific drugs that the patient would respond to in their therapeutic treatment of cancer.

Celprogen has created a video to demonstrate how to change media in 3D Cell Culture System.

To watch the video on Youtube, please clickthis link


Stomach, cancer cells grown in 2D can easily be killed by low doses of chemotherapeutic drugs or low doses of radiation. If those same cells are grown in 3D, they are resistant to the same doses of chemotherapeutic drugs or radiation, just like cancer as its found in the body. In this way, cells grown in 3D are more valid targets for testing and discovering new drugs to treat cancer. Another benefit of testing drugs in three dimensional cell culture versus two dimensional cell culture is that cells in 3D form multi-layers of cells whereas cells grown in 2D form a monolayer of cells that is spread very thin on a plastic surface. When testing a drug in 2D, it needs only to diffuse a short distance across the cell membrane to reach its intended target. In 3D, the situation is more realistic and a drug needs to diffuse across multi-layers of cells to reach the cells on the inside of a micro-tissue.