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Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Conditioned Media 1L
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Human Mesenchymal Derived Stem Cell Conditioned media Sterile Filtered and tested with Human Mesenchymal Derived Stem Cells in Culture. This product is Serum Free and Animal component free media[xeno free], for bioprocessing needs. The source of this product is from healthy donors bone marrow aspirate. The product is shipped in 1L Bottle to maintain aseptic filling and bio-processing needs without antibiotics. Storage conditions 2-8 C for short term storage 72 hours, long term storage -20C. This product is available in the following  2,000L, 4,000L and 10,000L Batch sizes, please enquire pricing and delivery times for 2,000L -10,000L batch sizes. Usually we would require 2 weeks lead time for order 2,000L-10,000L batch sizes. This product is stock item.