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 Micro-Tissue Culture Real-Time Imaging Microscope Incubator The Micro-Tissue Culture Real time imaging incubator is a humidified Carbon Dioxide incubator that sits on the microscope stage with a continuous flow of tissue culture media. The tissue culture media flows through the dish in direct contact with the growing cells in the incubator from the inflow port and exists the incubator through the outflow ports. The tissue culture media in direct contact with the cells is maintained by flow rates of 2   ml per minute by micro-peristalsis pump. The micro-tissue culture incubator is a humidified with Carbon Dioxide which has its own port of entry, temperature controlled components maintains the incubator at 37C with a differential temperature of 2C between the bottom and the top glass of incubator. The glass bottom and the glass cover top temperature controlled components of the incubator allows optical clarity for confocal real time imaging. The simple set up of the micro-incubator allows one to connect the sterile medium bottle with sterile connectors to the incubator and the out-let port of the incubator to the waste bottle, and the premixed gas to the gas port of incubator. The ports and the sterile connections are labeled to allow user friendly interface. The entire system consists of:

1. control unit that monitors temperature, gas flow and continuous flow of medium
2. sterile connectors and tubing
3. sterile medium bottle for medium and waste bottle for collecting medium
4. micro-incubator chamber with glass bottom and glass top temperature regulated unit
5. electrical connectors