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Human Leukocyte Esterase-15ml
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Human Leukocyte Esterase (Source Human leukocytes)
15 ml lot size $225.00

Bulk quantities one liter or greater please inquire for pricing
Human leukocyte esterase is manufacture from human peripheral blood leukocytes, sonicated Human leukocytes.
Expiration 12 months when stored at -70C, 2-8 C short term storage.

Human Source material from which this product was derived was consented from donor and found negative for HIV1, HIV2, HCV antibodies, HIV-1 Antigen, HBsAg and Syphilis by current FDA approved methods. This product should be handled at Bio-safety Level 2 as recommended in the CDC/NIH manual "Biosafety in microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories", 1999.

This product is offered for Research, Laboratory use only.